Mathematicians in Mathematics Education

About this project

The demand is increasing for mathematicians who can constructively contribute to work in mathematics education, such as standards development, validation of tests, curriculum design, textbook review, and the preparation and professional development of teachers.

MIME workshops orient mathematicians on key issues: the core mathematics of K12, the mathematical knowledge of teachers, the nature of the educational system, the profusion of standards documents, the variety of curricula, and mathematics education research.

They are aimed at the general audience of university mathematicians who wish to become involved in helping solve the problems in mathematics education.

The MIME registry

Mathematicians who have completed a MIME workshop are eligible to submit their names, experience, and interests to the MIME registry, which is made available to organizations wishing to employ mathematicians as consultants on mathematics education projects.

For MIME alumni/ae

If you would like your name and qualifications to be made available to people looking for mathematicians as consultants for workin mathematics education, please fill in the MIME alumnus registration form.

For prospective employers

If you are looking for a mathematician to hire as a consultant please send us an email explaining your needs.

MIME steering committee