Intel® Math Program Instructors

Thank you for your interest in teaching Intel Math. We are commited to excellence in our program, and our exemplary instructors are an extension of that commitment.

Each course is collaboratively taught by an instructor team consisting of a mathematician and a mathematics educator. Both are not only exemplary in their own field, but proficient in the other's field as well. For more about instructor qualifications, please see the Instructor Selection Rubric.

Instructors are prepared to teach Intel Math at a workshop facilitated by Senior Trainers. Our Senior Trainers are Intel Math instructors who have extensive experience with the course, and represent some of our best instructors.

Typical implementation of the course consists of 13-15 days of instruction, with the number of days varying by the amount of instructional time per day. The course begins with a 5+ consecutive day intensive workshop which often falls during the summer. The rest of the course is distributed over the next few months, often one or two days at a time.

Instructor compensation is typically equivalent to approximately seven to eight weeks of pay, but is site specific. Sites have found it convenient to subdivide instructor compensation into one or two weeks for training, two weeks for each course, and two weeks for planning.

Brief Job Description

Approved instructors commit to

For more detailed information on the roles and responsibilites of an Intel Math Instructor, please see the Instructor Job Description.

Instructor Application

If you are interested in applying as a potential instructor with Intel Math, please

Thank you for your interest in teaching Intel Math!