The Intel® Math Program

Intel Math is an 80-hour professional development course in mathematics content for K-8 teachers. The program was adapted from the Vermont Math Initiative developed by Dr. Ken Gross. The course is collaboratively taught by a practicing mathematician and a mathematics educator. One of the goals of Intel Math is that teacher participants deepen their own understanding of math through problem-solving.

Intel Math “is designed to close the gap between insufficient mathematics training of elementary school teachers and the demands of the contemporary mathematics classroom” (Kenneth Gross, on VMI ) and places emphasis on deepening the teacher participants’ understanding of core K-8 mathematics concepts.


Intel Math is grounded in a problem-solving approach to topics such as integer arithmetic, the decimal number system, place value, rational number arithmetic, rates, linear equations, and functions. Connections are made throughout the course as multiple representations of solutions are examined with each problem.

Pedagogy comprises approximately 10% of the course. Classroom transfer is addressed primarily through opportunities to analyze student work, and instructor modeling.

For more detailed information, please see our Intel Math Brochure.