BioMath Circle


The Biomath Circle facilitates collaborations between life science and mathematics faculty members by providing a forum to discuss teaching approaches, projects, and course materials that can help improve the quantitative training of life science undergraduates.

Nature of the Circle

Life science and mathematics faculty members come together for lunch-time discussions and presentations that help identify ways to integrate mathematics content into upper-division life science courses and curricula. BioMath Circle meetings are facilitated by a mathematics Teaching Postdoc and a life science faculty member.


The BioMath Circle is part of an effort to make the undergraduate biology curriculum at the University of Arizona more quantitative. The need for such an intervention is described in many recent publications, including those quoted below.

Project team

The BioMath Circle is organized by the BioMath Committee and the Institute for Mathematics and Education at the University of Arizona, with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Faculty members in charge of Circle activities are listed below.

Past Programs

Meetings are typically held from noon to 2pm, at the Institute for Mathematics and Education, Gould-Simpson building, Room 849.

Spring 2012

Fall 2012

Spring 2013