Arizona Teacher Initiative

The Arizona Teacher Initiative is funded by a 5-year, $4.8M National Science Foundation Math and Science Partnership grant (award 0634532, PI Daniel Madden) and part of the MSP Network.

Masters of Arts Degree in Middle School Mathematics Teaching Leadership

MA Degrees 2011

Action Research Projects

Author Title Documents (PDF)
Chiraporn C. Espinoza An Action Research on Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics in the Inclusion Classroom Abstract Full Document
Steven Dionicio Martinez Can a Math Classroom Foster Belief That Success is Attainable through Effort? Abstract Full Document
Monica Pacheco The Effects of Tiered Assignments on 6th grade Studentsí Learning and their Perceptions of Homogeneous Achievement Groups Abstract Full Document
James Robinson Active Vocabulary: Effects of Engaged Instructional Strategies and Graphic Organizers on Vocabulary Retention Abstract Full Document
Maria Valdez Five out of Four People Have Trouble with Fractions Abstract Full Document

MA Degrees 2010

Action Research Projects

Author Title Documents (PDF)
Jill Bond Technology in Middle School Mathematics Abstract Full Document
Cassie Gribble Mathematical Discussion and Student Learning in the Classroom Abstract Full Document
Christina Grossman Using Multiple Representations to Build Stronger Student Collaboration and Understanding in Mathematics Abstract Full Document
James Henry Number sense and its impact on studentsí solving of algebraic equations Abstract Full Document
Samantha Klein What gets students to talk about math? Abstract Full Document
Liliana Munoz Teaching strategies for integers and operations Abstract Full Document
Melissa Papenfus The effects of specific vocabulary instruction during math class Abstract Full Document
Donna Rishor Task structure and student engagement in middle school mathematics Abstract Full Document
Katherine Temple Differentiated Instruction and Flexible Groups Abstract Full Document

Math Report Projects

Author Title Documents (PDF)
Jill Bond The Perfect Shuffle Full Document
Cassie Gribble Primes in Spirals Full Document
Christina Grossman Comparing Infinite Sets Full Document
James Henry The North Pole Expedition Full Document
Samantha Klein The Conic Sections Full Document
Liliana Munoz Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo Full Document
Melissa Papenfus Tiling Rectangles with Squares (For Dummies) Full Document
Donna Rishor The Billards Problem Full Document
James Robinson Fermat's Little Theorem Full Document
Katherine Temple Heron Triangles Full Document
For further information, including information about funding opportunities, email Daniel Madden.