University of Arizona
Institute for Mathematics and Education

Making Connections, 2008

This year's focus is high school algebra.


Arizona team

  • Josh Chesler, UA
  • J.P. Cossey, UA
  • Melinda Jensen, Empire High
  • Alyssa Keri, Catalina Foothills High
  • William McCallum, UA

California team

  • Becky Creekmur, Correia Middle School
  • Evan Fuller, UNCC
  • Ifah Grady, The Preuss School
  • Lawrence Yee, Mar Vista High

North Carolina team

  • Fred Coon, Olympic High School
  • Jacob Koehler, Vance High School
  • Harold Reiter, UNC Charlotte
  • Jack Whittemore, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Followup Activities

The North Carolina team held a local Making Connections workshop March 6, 2009.

Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Handout 4


Thursday, June 12

Friday, June 13

Saturday, June 14

Results of the workshop

Teams produced plans for Making Connections workshops of their own

About the problems used in the workshop

The problems were intended to test strategic competence and conceptual understanding in addition to procedural fluency. For example:

(a) Say whether each equation has a positive solution, a negative solution, a zero solution, or no solution. (b) Could you have predicted the answers for any of the equations without solving it? Which ones, and how?

Here is a pdf file of the complete set.