University of Arizona
Institute for Mathematics and Education

Making Connections, 2006

This workshop focused on algebra in middle school, with regional teams from Arizona, Georgia, and Montana. During Spring 2006, teachers in each team collected student work on a packet of algebra problems, and the teams met in the Summer to analyze the results.


Arizona team

  • Terry Greer, Naylor Middle School
  • Steve Kraus, Orange Grove Middle School
  • Bill McCallum, University of Arizona
  • Rebecca McGraw, University of Arizona
  • Matt Ondrus, University of Arizona

Georgia team

  • Sybilla Beckmann, University of Georgia
  • Brad Findell, University of Georgia
  • Sherry Hix, University of Georgia
  • Summer Tuggle, Clarke Middle School

Montana team

  • Terri Dahl, Charles Russel High School, Great Falls
  • Johnny Lott, University of Montana
  • Jenny McNulty, University of Montana

Followup Activities

The Montana team held local Making Connections workshops in September 2006 and January 2007. More ....

Workshop, June 7–9

Day one

  • Meetings in disciplinary groups (educators, mathematicians, teachers) to discuss problems and the mathematical and pedagogical points they present
  • Reports on disciplinary meetings
  • Teacher presentations of their students' work

Day two

  • Conclusion of teacher presentations
  • Presentation and discussion of results of Tucson student surveys
  • Regional teams (Arizona, Georgia, Montana) choose a particular problem or set of problems and student work to look at, and a particular mathematical or pedagogical point that they illustrate, and discuss from different disciplinary perspectives

Day three

  • Whole group discussion: what we have learned, ideas for curriculum modules (for inservice or preservice teachers, for graduate teaching assistants, or for school students)
  • Regional teams to plan and start work on a curriculum module arising out of the problem analysis
  • Reports on progress and plans for the future

Results of the workshop

Here are the problems that were produced by this year's teams: