Making Connections

The Making Connection project is funded by a 4-year, $300K National Science Foundation Distinguished Teaching Scholar award (no. 0525009, PI William McCallum). It aims to establish a model for collaboration between mathematicians, educators, and teachers, centered around analysis of student work on algebra problems.

What we do

  • Bring together mathematicians, educators, and teachers in regional teams at a summer workshop to undertake a joint analysis of school algebra problems and student work
  • All participants look at and analyze the problems, teacher participants collect student work from their own classes
  • The summer workshop is a laboratory for developing a model for collaboration between these three groups by focusing on concrete examples
  • Each team uses the workshop to develop instructional materials and collaborative activities in their own regions



Teams from Arizona, Georgia, and Montana studied work of middle school students on algebra. More ...


Teams from Arizona, California, and Illinois will study work of elementary school students on algebraic thinking. More ...


Teams from Arizona, California, and North Carolina will study work of high school students on algebra. More ...

Products of the workshops

Here are some of the problem sets, reports, and workshop plans that have been developed by Making Connections teams and used in regional Making Connections workshops. If you would like guidance on running your own Making Connections workshop with these or other problems, send us an email.