Knowlege for Teaching Secondary School (KnoTSS)

Modeled on the MSRI Elementary Mathematics Project, this NSF DR K-12 grant (#0821996, PI Rebecca McGraw) investigates the nature and processes of collaborative work between mathematicians and mathematics educators who co-teach courses for future middle and high school mathematics teachers.

What is KnoTSS?

Teams of mathematicians and mathematics educators co-teach mathematics and methods courses with the aim of supporting students in developing integrated knowledge of mathematics content and pedagogy. Project research is focused on the following questions:

How do collaborations develop and evolve? How can collaborations be fostered within institutions? How does the collaborative process affect the collaborators (e.g., how they interact with students, how they think about content/methods)?

Through analysis of the nature and processes of collaboration, and the interactions between content and pedagogy, the project will generate critical knowledge about:

2010–2011 Teams

University of South Florida

During the 2010–2011 academic year, Drs. Gladis Kersaint (co-PI) and Mile Krajcevski co-taught two courses, Geometry and Teaching High School Mathematics. Analysis of interviews, and audio recordings of course planning meetings, is ongoing.

2009-2010 Teams

University of South Florida

Drs. Gladis Kersaint (co-PI), Denisse Thompson, and Catherine Beneteau collaborated on a Geometry course that Drs. Thompson and Beneteau taught. Drs. Thompson and Beneteau also co-taught a Teaching High School Mathematics course. Gladis Kersaint (co-PI) and Mile Krajcevski co-taught a Geometry course.

Virginia Tech

Drs. Anderson Norton (co-PI) and Charles Parry co-taught a History of Mathematics course.

Illinois State University

Drs. Saad El-Zanati (co-PI) and David Barker co-taught a Mathematics Capstone course and a Secondary Methods of Teaching Mathematics course.

2006–2007 Teams

University of Arizona

During the 2006–2007 academic year, William McCallum (co-PI) and Rebecca McGraw (PI) co-taught two courses, Synthesis of Mathematical Concepts, and Curriculum & Assessment in Secondary School Mathematics.

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