c-TaP Common Core Mathematics Toolkit
Application for Summer 2012

Toolkit description

Host an additional day of PD focused on the Common Core at your summer training!

This PD is aimed at an audience of teachers, was developed by teachers, and is facilitated by teachers.

If your application to host the Toolkit is successful you will receive trained facilitators at your PD site with all the materials necessary for a day program at a specific grade band (elementary, middle, or high school). Two facilitators will be provided for groups less than 30 participants, and an additional facilitator will be provided for each additional 20 participants. For groups larger than 30 participants more than one grade band program could be run simultaneously. Venue, refreshments, tables, chairs, and AV equipment including computer projecting equipment and screen are the responsibility of the host organization.

The cost of the day long Common Core Toolkit is $200 per participant.


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