Professional Writings
Dear Math Professors,

We are 1st and 2nd graders in Wheeler Central Public School in Erickson, Nebraska. We love to work with big numbers and have been doing it all year! Every time we read something with a big number in it we try to write it. Then our teacher explains how to write it. We are getting pretty good at writing millions and billions!

We have a problem that we need your help with. We were reading amazing ŌSuper MomÕ facts in a Kid City magazine. It told how many eggs some animals could lay. We came across a number that we donÕt know. It had a 2 and then a 1 followed by 105 zeros!! We wrote the number out and it stretches clear across our classroom! We know about a googol. We looked it up in the dictionary. A googol has 100 zeros. Then what do you call a number if it has more than 100 zeros? Is there a name for it?