Algebraic concepts for middle school
teachers of English language learners:
A professional development
course taught by a mathematician and a mathematics educator
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Overview of the Course:
Algebra for Middle School Teachers
Selected Course Topics
Selected Course Readings
Typical Day of Class
Co-Teaching Successes
Co-Teaching Challenges
Selected Topics
Algebra Tiles
Algebra Tiles Support the Area
Model of Multiplication
Common Use of Algebra Tiles
What We Did
What We Did
Two Interesting Examples
A Discovery Made by the Class
Applying our Theorem
How Perimeter Activity Developed
Summing Consecutive Integers
TeachersŐ Strategies
Related Homework Assignment
Pedagogical Themes that Arose
Issues of Language
Issues of Language
Teacher Perspectives on the Course
Teacher Reflections on the Instructors
(Mathematician & Mathematics Educator)
Things to Think about Next Time
Closing Remarks