Project Pathways:
 Overview and Evolution
Project Pathways
Local Conditions
Pathways Objectives for Teachers
The Reflexive Relationship Between Frameworks and Intervention
Instruments for Assessing Pathways Progress and Effectiveness
The Bottle Problem

Imagine this bottle filling with water. Sketch
 a graph of the height as a function of the
amount of water that’s in the bottle
Mental Actions of the Covariational Reasoning Framework
Covariational Reasoning:
A Foundational Reasoning Ability for Understanding and Using Big Ideas of Calculus

Derivative Accumulation
"Problem Solving Process"
Slide 13
Major Findings that Influenced Intervention Adaptations:
Select Findings:
In the third cohort explicit “rules of engagement” were negotiated
Speaking with Meaning
Early results from cohort 3 are encouraging:
Early results revealed perceived ‘factors of resistance” for shifting instruction towards coherent and conceptually focused lessons.
Pathways Response: A Professional Learning Community (PLC)
PLC Intervention
Research Questions
Methods: Grounded Theory
What We Are Learning
Facilitator Decentering
Manifestations of Decentering
Manifestations of decentering
Summary Results
Implications and Further Analysis