University of Arizona
Institute for Mathematics and Education

Revitalizing College Algebra, June 18–21, 2007

Don Small, Deborah Hughes Hallett, William McCallum. An MAA PREP workshop, supported by the National Science Foundation grant DUE:0341481.


Group 1

  • Joanne Duvall, Coastal Carolina U.
  • Tuyet Pham, Kent State U.
  • Fe Evangelista, U. Wisc. Whitewater
  • Julie Letellier, U. Wisc. Whitewater
  • Daniel Schultz-Ela, Mesa State C.
  • Mary Lou Britton, Kent State U.

Group 2

  • Sally Kleinknecht, U. South. Indiana
  • Marjorie Labhart, U. South. Indiana
  • Jay Hutchings, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi
  • Kirsty Eisenhart, Western Mich. U.
  • Theresa Grant, Western Mich. U.
  • Jose Giraldo, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi

Group 3

  • Linda Hintzman, Pasadena City C.
  • Scott Clark, U. of Arizona
  • Mike Dodge, Olympic C.
  • Susan Lange, Cardinal Stritch U.
  • Juliet Haloulos, U. Of Cincinnati
  • Shumei Richman, Midlands Tech C.
  • Corinne Schaeffer, Edinboro U. of Pennsylvania

Group 4

  • Philip Cary, Chadron State C.
  • Mary Kay Stewart, Fort Lewis C.
  • Amy Getz, Fort Lewis C.
  • Kathy Wellborn, Fort Lewis C.
  • Leslie Goldstein, Fort Lewis C.

Group 5

  • Stephanie Bowers, Oregon State U.
  • Barbara Kinach, U. of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Wendiann Sethi, Seton Hall U.
  • Mary Tinsley, St. Louis C. of Pharmacy
  • Don Williamson, Jr., Chadron State C.
  • Barbara Edwards, Oregon State U.
  • Ching-Chia Ko, Oregon State U.


Monday, June 18

  • Introductions, purpose, goals. Discussion: What is Algebra? Discussion: MAA/CUPM College Algebra Guidelines. Why and How to Revitalize College Algebra?
  • Small group in-class activities
  • Small group out-of-class projects

Tuesday, June 19

  • Discussion: different audiences for college algebra. Discussion: Algebraic literacy (intepreting algebraic form, symbolic fluency, algebraic foresight, and strategic manipulation).
  • Work on problems testing algebraic literacy. Expressions and equations.
  • Writing problems for algebra: Hands-on experience constructing problems that test symbolic literacy.
  • Discussion: What algebra do high school teachers need to know?

Wednesday, June 20

  • Modeling. Scatter plots. Curve fitting. Business applications.
  • Modeling with recursive sequences. Finance applications.
  • Testing and assessment.
  • Small groupsL Draft final exam and syllabus.

Thusday, June 21

  • Group presentations and wrap-up.




Final reports